About us

This is the thing that truly inspires us: imagining, creating and building the future, especially that of money and finance, our métier. Future does not just happen - it is created and it is built by bold, visionary pioneers like us. What we can transform through technology is incredible. There, we can make a big difference - a revolution - and make tomorrow's world again a better place.

What is Argentas?

Argentas is a technology project. Argentas revolutionizes money, payments and banking via advanced technologies.

It is neither merely a normal 'Fintech' project, nor it is only a blockchain project. Argentas combines the 'best of both worlds' to create a powerful hybrid platform that will transform finance as we know it today.

Our mission

Our mission is to make global financial services faster, cheaper, easier, more convenient and secure, and offer them with style and substance.

Reimagining the world of money and finance