Bounty Program

8,000,000 AXU Tokens (8%)

Welcome to Argentas! Today, we need your help and contribution in building up the our growing community!

We would like to hire you to get the word out about the unique Argentas Project and its substantial merits in its current AXU Token Pre-Distribution / Pre-Sale and the eventual ICO phase. We need you to promote the project by attaching our signature to meaningful, relevant posts and generating quality content in different media — the kind you would make as a serious member of this forum and the community, even if you were not getting paid. The kind you would like to read.

The structure of our campaign reflects our goal and our pride of creating things of high quality inside out. We value your time and your effort and we intend to reward you accordingly. We will not reward campaign participants who make us look bad by random, meaningless posts. Participants who don’t contribute to the goal will be dismissed from the program without pay. Qualifications to participate are detailed after the link below.

The pre-sale bounty campaign

This is the ongoing bounty campaign for the AXU Token pre-distribution phase - with a total bounty allocation of 8,000,000 AXU Tokens i.e. 8% of the total of the hard cap of 100,000,000 AXU in the pre-distribution phase (corresponding to 3,200,000 XLM at 0.4 XLM for 1 AXU, ca. 960,000 USD at the current rate – XLM/USD rate subject to change). The bounty program will normally last until the hard cap for the pre-distribution phase has been reached, and if the pre-distribution phase is closed before reaching the hard cap, the bounties will remain in the same proportion as shown in the table below. There will be another bounty program for the public distribution (ICO) phase after the pre-distribution phase, which will be announced, after the pre-distribution phase has been closed. The allocation of the pre-distribution bounty will be as follows:

Bounty (in AXU)
1,200,000 one million two hundred thousand (15%)

Signature campaign (Bitcointalk)

1,200,000 one million two hundred thousand (15%)
1,200,000 one million two hundred thousand (15%)
1,600,000 one million six hundred thousand (20%)

Blogs, news and video content campaign

1,200,000 one million two hundred thousand (15%)
400,000 four hundred thousand (5%)
400,000 four hundred thousand (5%)
800,000 eight hundred thousand (10%)
8,000,000 eight million (100%)

as the total allocation

What are stakes?

Example: Twitter campaign participants will receive stakes every week during the campaign. At the end of the campaign each member’s bounty amount of AXU tokens will be calculated this way:

(Total amount of Facebook Campaign AXU tokens / Total amount of all bounty campaign participants’ stakes) * Member’s stakes

E.g.: (1 200 000 / 10 000) * 100 = 12,000 AXU (~ 720 USD)

Note: The USD value is the value calculated to the current XLM value (0.30c – subject to constant change). 1 AXU equals ca. 0.12 USD. Your bounty will be paid in AXU tokens.) At the same time, given that the rate per token will normally increase in the following phase of distribution, the value of tokens earned would then also increase beyond the current levels.

General terms and conditions

The following are general terms rules of the bounty campaign:

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of participants for any of the campaigns
  • We reserve the right to change the conditions of our bounty campaign
  • Only one account per one person will be allowed
  • Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming is prohibited
  • We will validate everything we consider to be fake or scam, and we reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest or spam the forum
  • We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without any explanation
  • In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes
  • To participate in the Argentas Bounty campaign, please join the Argentas Telegram Group and the Argentas Telegram Bounty Group
  • If you missed the deadline of the weekly report (Wednesday 23:59 UTC), we can consider adding your stakes the following week, but it would be manual and slow process which may take a lot of time
  • If you do not reach the minimum required amount of posts/retweets/likes in Twitter/Facebook/Signature campaigns, you will not receive any stake for the current week. We will not remove you from campaign, however, and you can try again the following week
  • No promotional posts of other projects on our SM pages are allowed by bounty program participants - no other airdrops nor anything else - if you promote other projects by posting for them on our pages, your stakes will be revoked
  • The distribution of the tokens to bounty campaign participants will happen after the end of the token distribution process. The actual amount of tokens you will get will be determined at the moment of such distribution

For further campaign-specific details and complete instructions, please click the following link to the Argentas Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign Thread.