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The Argentas Ecosystem: the Future of Money

The true disruption of global finance, revolutionizing money, payments and other financial services, will not come from banks or other traditional actors. The incumbents do not disrupt and do not want to be disrupted. But we do, and we will. The second generation blockchain technologies make this possible first time ever.

The Network Is the Bank: A True Democritization of Finance.

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The Argentas Ecosystem to make this happen will have three key dimensions:

  • Network

    The core element of the ecosystem is HydraNet, the proprietary blockchain of Argentas leveraging advanced distributed ledger technologies, with its native digital asset facilitating global, virtually free and real-time transactions. The team will work on applications of lightning network for additional payment processing speed, smart sharding for less network load and eventually for quantum resistance.

  • Bridges

    The HydraNet interfaces such as wallets and bridges forming a connection between the traditional and crypto economies such as banks, exchanges, payment firms and other actors play a key role in the ecosystem that is open to all and interconnected. Banks and other traditional players will gradually morph into network interfaces, as the bank accounts will disapper into the network that will be the global bank for everyone.

  • Dapps

    Decentralized network applications, dapps, form the third dimension of the ecosystem focusing on adding value through technological innovation in payments, banking and other financial services, for which HydraNet is the perfect environment of disruptional transformation. Smart dapps will eventually replace many of the banking and other financial services as we know them now. A whole new financial ecosystem will emerge.

The Argentas Exchange Unit

Argentas Exchange Units or AXUs are the reserve tokens of the Argentas Project, to be replaced by the native HydraNet digital currency when launched. AXUs are XLM compatible tokens issued on the Stellar blockchain.

AXUs are aimed to be converted into and exchanged for the eventual HydraNet native digital currency at the rate of 1:1. Since the new digital currency cannot exist before HydraNet by definition, AXUs have been issued as the reserve tokens to facilitate the distribution process and the buildup of the HydraNet user base and community.

922 billion AXUs have been issued.

So what should we call the new world currency?

Well, we don't know yet. It is a big decision, to name a new world currency. We want to leave this important decision to a later moment, and maybe ask for ideas from our community members! For now, let's call it hX, meaning 'the currency X living on the HydraNet', or just simply X!


The Brief Story to Build the Next World Currency


The starting point:

"Despite technological advances, transferring money has remained unnecessarily costly and time-consuming"

The payment methods used today are all slow, old and outdated, and costly. However, we can avoid all those costs and delays.


Distributed ledger technologies enable virtually free and real-time global payments

The techngological basis for a true revolution of money, payments and banking exists. It only needs to be realized and implemented in the right way. The solution is definitely not to create another 'paypal' on the existing financial architecture, but only building on entirely new technologies.


Incumbents banks and payment systems create barriers to entry and resistance, but that can all be overcome

Of course, the players profiting from the existing outdated financial architecture try to defend their position by putting all kinds of barriers to entry in order to maintain their position of dominance. Any obstacles can be overcome. The incumbents could not protect their position against the emergence of the googles, facebooks and amazons of their respective industries either.


Achieving critical mass for a new global payment system is the biggest challenge – but possible

If such a blockchain-based new system is built & critical mass achieved, it can really take over as the world’s new payment network, to transfer any item of value – on the 'Internet of Value' – eventually worth dozens of trillions. The work to build community of users with a critical mass will then be leveraged to make the world’s future payment network a reality. To get there, we will from early on focus on getting millions of members signed up.


Think of this payment network of the future having its own digital asset, the new world currency

If the network transaction volume grows very large, the currency will gain significant value. The value of every currency reflects the value of the underlying economic activity. If there are transactions eventually worth trillions, according to economic models, the value of all units of this currency would then be several trillion dollars. Total global gold stock is worth 7 trillion dollars - put that into perspective.


We reserve AXUs for those who sign up & join the community — the earlier you join the more you can reserve

The incentives to join start are very attractive. Those who have the vision to join early are well rewarded. When the new digital currency gets widely adopted, requiring less motivation to join, those incentives will decrease correspondingly. Eventually, people will join simply because it is a faster, cheaper and safer way to transact. See a detailed explanation here.


The journey is the reward, but so will be your AXUs

When millions join the community, advanced next gen blockchain technologies are deployed, the payment system with its native currency is launched and becomes even more popular, the new digital currency becomes valuable, and rewards given to early users will reach their potential value.

Let's make this all happen

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Crypto Banking

Crypto banking through bridge entities interfacing with the HydraNet blockchain. Disrupting the banking paradigm. Revolutionizing banking with the hybrid model bridging physical and digital economies. Argentas leads the field with its pioneering crypto banking model, supporting and accelerating crypto economic growth.

The Argentas Wallet

The best place for your AXUs. The wallet app works on pc, tablet and mobile. This wallet is not required for reserving AXUs, however. You do not need this wallet to be able to reserve your AXUs that takes place automatically.

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A new era for global finance has arrived with the introduction of second generation DLT platforms. Argentas helps to create a new open global financial system. Read more about our plans in the documents below.

  • Early Opportunity

    AXU distribution by invitation offers our fans, supporters and early believers an early opportunity to join our story of transforming global finance through innovative technology.

  • Community First

    We prioritize the community, building up a global user base for the leading payment network of the future. Early members enjoy priority with best rewards.

  • Reward for Trust

    Early members will be rewarded best, when our HydraNet with its native digital currency and the ecosystem take shape, activity increases, and network value grows.