Say hello to a new world currency!



to participate in the

global distribution of Argentas Exchange Units

When you sign up, 10% of AXUs with estimated future value* up to

USD 44,190

will be reserved for you, and the rest over time upon completion of various tasks helping to grow our community.

10% is reserved after signup,
40% after inviting 6 friends and the rest for future tasks.

[...and active members of the community can reserve even much more than that. After having used up invitations of the basic bronze level, you may be eligible for silver and gold upgrades with 100 invitations more and beyond....]

* Why such future value? Read what makes this possible

What is Argentas?

Argentas is a technology project. Argentas revolutionizes money, payments and banking via advanced technologies.

It is neither merely a normal 'Fintech' project, nor it is only a blockchain project. Argentas combines the 'best of both worlds' to create a powerful hybrid platform that will transform finance as we know it today.

Get your exclusive invitation

Follow the tips below to get your personal invitation and join our community

1 Visit our Twitter & FB

Go to our Facebook or Twitter page and see, which of your friends follow or like us – they may have already signed up with Argentas.

2 Share post asking for invite

Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether any of them has invitations available for you.